April News

On May 3rd, The BCA is hosting a very special guest. Robert Hartman, CEO of the ACBL will be joining us for a Special Swiss Teams event. That Sunday we will be officially starting our Longest Day Events which will lead up to our full day bridge fundraiser games on Monday, June 22.


In addition to the Swiss Teams, Robert will be hosting a Town Hall meeting after the game. He will answer questions about bridge and the ACBL.


In order to start our fundraising with a bang, Sam Marks and Robert Hartman are being auctioned off to fill out a Swiss Team for the winning pair. Place your bids by sending an email to sam@sammarksbridge.com



Current High Bid   $150




Upcoming Swiss Teams


April 20  Monday  Noon

April 22  Wednesday  6:00 pm


New April Calendar


New Spring Class Schedule





This Week's Schedule

Week of April 20 through April 25



April 20

12:00 GNT Swiss Teams: Open, Triple Points

9:30 am Lesson: Third Hand High, Start of the Better Defense Series for Advanced players. $25

April 21

12:00 Pairs: Open, 0-750, Charity, Double Points

6:30 pm Pairs: Open, Charity, Double Points

9:30 am Lesson: Modern NT, Bidding Balanced Hands, Intermediate, $25

6:30 pm Lesson: Introduction to Attitude Signals  $25


April 22

12:00 Pairs: Open, 0-750, 0-100, Charity, Double Points

6:00 pm GNT Swiss Teams: Open, Triple Points

9:30 am Lesson: 2/1 Responses in Standard American  $25


April 23

12:00 Pairs: Open, 0-750, 0-300, Charity, Double Points

9:30 am Lesson: Responder Bids after an Overcall, Advanced Beginner  $25


April 24

10:00 am Pairs: 0-20

12:00 Pairs: Open, 0-750, Charity, Double Points


April 25

12:00 Pairs: 0-20

12:00 Pairs: Open, 0-750, Charity, Double Points

Welcome to Atlanta's Best Bridge Club

The Bridge Club of Atlanta is located in the Fountain Oaks Shopping Center on Roswell Road, 1.6 miles South
of I-285. 

Game times are 12:00 noon, Monday through Saturday. There are two evening games: 6:30 pm on Tuesday and 6:00 pm on Wednesday nights. We have a Newcomer game every Friday at 10:00 am and Saturday at noon. 

We are the most technologically advanced club in town with 40 Bridge Mates to handle electronic scoring. In addition, a Playbridge Dealer 4 will be used to deal and duplicate all boards, saving time and providing you with hand records for every session. The hand records and results will be posted on line immediately after each game.

We strive to be the friendliest club with a comphrehensive Zero Tolerance Policy for all games and a No-Psyching Policy for all limited games.

There is a full teaching schedule with classes from well known local teachers Sam Marks, Tom Carmichael and Marty Nathan.

If you need a partner, email or call us ASAP and we will do our best to arrange one for you. All food and drinks are provided at no charge. Entry fees are $10 and we never charge extra for special games.